The Alexander Technique

What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is a means of finding your balance in performance in anything you’re choosing to do right now...

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Glenn B. Swift

About Glenn

Glenn B. Swift had his first year of lessons in the Alexander Technique from Brian Warren in 1983, as a core unit at drama school in Western Australia...

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Strange things can happen for a new pupil. The first lesson in particular can be a real doosie...

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Learn how to benefit from the Alexander Technique with one of Australia's top practitioners – Glenn B Swift

Glenn B. Swift and the Alexander Technique

Glenn Swift

Glenn Swift discovered the Alexander Technique in 1983, while training as an actor at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

“The Alexander Technique contained everything technically essential and fundamental to the art of performance. Within three lessons my walk had changed; within three months, my life.”

Glenn teaches Lessons for individuals from his home base in Fremantle, Western Australia. Group lessons and introductions for Corporations and Departments of Government on request. Glenn loves being invited to visit training courses internationally!

Visit the News page to discover where in the world Glenn is this month, or what courses are being offering in the near future, or what’s on his mind about teaching.

If you’d like to get in contact with Glenn, please call (+61) 419 194 598 or visit the contact page to send an email.

I love how I feel after an Alexander lesson with Glenn. I leave the sessions with an all-over sense of gracefulness which is a great relief from my regular out-of-sorts clunkiness. The semi-supine homework is just as important, and when I do it regularly, a sense of ease imbues my actions. Glenn inspires with his embodiment of the practice. The show rather than the tell of the magic of slowing down and paying attention.

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Monthly Workshop to keep your hand ( neck, back, knees and toes) in.

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