Story Examples

Glenn has an enormous repertoire of participation style stories for all ages. He will tailor programmes for all occasions – Christmas, Halloween, Easter and local themes and events.

Glenn in action

Glenn’s programme of Ghost Stories is particularly popular with an adult audience, and with just a little historical information about your town, he will tailor-make a local Ghost Story, which will become part of your local lore!

Glenn is happy to travel anywhere in Western Australia and beyond!

The Ghost in the Bell Tower

Glenn’s fascination with Ghost stories began with an invitation to perform in a Ghost Story Concert at Point Walter in 2000, which lead to his first Western Australian creation, The Ghost in the Bell Tower, which has now entered Perth’s Urban Mythology. Subsequent concert appearances lead to the creation of The Girl in the White Dress and The Ghost of Eddie Blackwall, which are gothic romantic/historic in style, both set at Pt. Walter. He plans to publish them as a set…



The Ghost Sheep at Collie

Here’s an example of a Ghost Story created for a site specific performance using existing historical elements. The town of Collie now has a NEW GHOST!



How the Quokkas came to Rottnest

A long, long time ago, when giant dingoes roamed Australia (there were dinosaurs too, but they’re not in this story) a big mob of red kangaroos was eating the grass on the Kimberley plateau one fine summer’s morning…


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